Ghost Bond 蛋白膠 38ml
Ghost Bond Hair Glue | Wig Adhesive 38ml

Ghost Bond 蛋白膠
Ghost Bond Hair Glue | Wig Adhesive




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《主要成份》Purified Water, Hydrophilic Acrylic Copolymer Resins (Latex-Free)
《生產商》Professional Hair Labs


可搭配蛋白膠專用毛刷使用  連結

This adhersive is formulated for oily scalps, heavy perspiration, high temperatures and excessive humidity to keep the bond strong between your skin and hair.

How to use:
Squeeze several dot of glue around your scalp, use the exclusive brush and then apply it on your skin evenly, taking about 3 to 5 minutes, allow to dry clear, or use the hair dryer blow the glue to be translucent, then put on your hair piece.(You can apply2 to 3 more thin layers to the scalp area let dry till adhesive is clear.So that you can powerfully hold your hair piece in place even better)

The statement above is for your reference, because bascially each user has his own feeling when using it.