• Hair building fiber

    Make 80% thicker hair instantly

    The new 2nd-generation statistic technology makes hair fibers firmly adhere to hair cuticles, does not damage the scalp and does not block the pores.

    The Hair Fix Spray resists oily scalp, windproof, waterproof, and sweatproof.

    The operation is simple and convenient, it can be used by yourself without other's help.

    The effect is abundant and natural, millions of people have used it as witness, and sales have hit new highs.

    • Hair replacement

    Tailor-made one mold for one person, find hair back instantly

    Specializing in solving hereditary hair loss, thousands of successful cases have been proved.

    It can be worn firmly in 3 seconds, shampooing, swimming, and skydiving is all right.

    Exclusive hand-knotting skills make the hair system natural and realistic.

    Breathable, Comfortable, flawless.

    Lots of celebrities are Domo user.

    • Medical wig

    Anti-bacterial and anti-allergic, specially designed for chemo patients

    The 2nd generation of nano-photocatalyst has antibacterial protection to reduce odor. Passed by SGS safety inspection.

    Exclusive HQT ventilation design makes wig more breathable.

    Patented base, and hand-knotting skills make it light without affecting hair regrowth.

    Hundreds of wigs are available. It can be cut, dyed and ironed, and styled.

    It is the necessary on the road to recovery.

    • Partial hair system

    Cover grey hair and make hair fuller to restore young

    For users who want to increase density and cover grey hair.

    High-level 3D knotting skill make hair lifelike and natural.

    Nano base material presents light, breathable, and realistic feature.

    Salon is available stock piece and complete size, it's able to choose the suitable ones.

    • Tape-on extension

    International and professional tape-on hair extensin skill

    German hair extension skill, the world's leading brand of tape-on seamless hair extension.

    Exclusive flat-attachment/smooth hair extension skill, quickly complete without any pain.

    Zero contact point, anti-allergic adhesive, will not easy to fall off, and will not damage to the real hair.

    Replaceable patented tape for repeated use, it is a new luxury choice.

    • Korean style wig

    Make Korean fashion hairstyle

    The design is bold and innovative, highlighting the unique facial features of Orientals.

    Korean high-quality heat-resistant materials, smooth like real hair.

    Enjoy changing hairstyle everyday.