More Fun House is founded by Warm Sun Hair Products Group in 2003. In Taiwan, there is 17 salons and leading hair system industry in Asia. The name More Fun House means every customer is able to get More Fun during the hair transformation.

6 brands devote to solving hair issue :
DOMO HAIR replacement system / WE CARE medical wig/DOMO FIBER hair building fiber / HAIR PLUS partial hairpiece / HAIR STICK hair extension / M.F.H Korean hairstyle

  1. 2003

    Warm Sun Hair Products Group has been established.

    German and Japanese technology of making wig has been introduced into Taiwan and distributed More Fun Hose Techonology Hair in Taiwan.

    Warm Sun Hair Products Group has disrupted the traditional market of wigs.

  2. 2004

    The first company who attended Taipei 101 product exhibition announcement in the wig industry.

    Displayed new products at ATT 4 Fun shopping mall. 

  3. 2005

    The first More Fun House store opened and was designed by DEM inc., a famous interior design team in Taiwan.

    To get rid of messy and dark feeling of the traditional wig store, DEN inc. made it a bright, comfortable, and stylish wig salon.

  4. 2006

    Set a precedent for wig endorsements. Invited famous stylist, Judy Lin, as the brand ambassador.

    Launched in famous cosmetics stores includes Watsons, SaSa, MIRADA, and MING CHIA MEI in Taiwan.

  5. 2007

    Stationed in the Ximen shopping area to keep up with the trend.

  6. 2008

    Stationed in the Eastern shopping district.

    Zhongxiao Flagship Store opened.

  7. 2009

    Exclusively distributed Germany tape-on hair extension brand - Hair Stick.

    Taichung Flagship Store opened, which covers the area of 7120 square feet.

    【HAIR STICK】was interviewed by Japanese NEWS TV - NHK.

    【HAIR PLUS】was interviewed by a Taiwanese famous TV program on FTV.

  8. 2010

    Invited by Far Eastern Memorial Hospital to join a caner related activity.

    Kaohsiung Flagship Store opened. It is the biggest hair system store in Asia.

    【WE CARE】was cooperating with a famous TV show in Taiwan.

  9. 2011

    【WE CARE】provides free wigs to the Formosa Cancer Foundation (FCF).

    【WE CARE】was cooperating with Ren-Ai Hospital to support cancer patients.

    The first in the industry to pass SGS international safety inspection and insure with product liability insurance.

    【WE CARE】and Cancer Hope Association jointly promote wig information and education to help cancer patients fight the disease more easily.

    【WE CARE】 held a wig information and education lecture at Tainan Chi Mei Hospital, extended the charitable event to southern Taiwan.

  10. 2012

    【WE CARE】was awarded by the Formosa Cancer Foundation (FCF).

    【WE CARE】hold the wig education on Taipei Veteran General Hospital, Tungs' Taichung MetroHarbor Hospital, Mackay Memorial Hospital, Tri-service General Hospital.

    【DOMO HAIR】EBC exclusive report "Say goodbye to traditional wig, DOMO HAIR solves various hair loss problems".

    【HAIR STICK】hair extension was designated by a famous artist, Vicky Chen, to perform in the drama of "Father and Son".

    【DOMO HAIR】hold the 1st Mr. After Transformation Program.

    【DOMO HAIR】filmed a sensational "Wig Killer" commercial advertise with anchor Chu-ju Sheng and Yong-tian Huang, got a high discussion.

    【DOMO HAIR】was interviewed by TVBS for exclusive program.

    【DOMO HAIR】hold the 1st Fans Gathering.

  11. 2013

    【WE CARE】Bao Ma, a famous artist, was re-appointed as brand ambassador of More Fun House.

    【DOMO HAIR】was reported by FTV "More Fun House tailored hair system break the traditional wig market".

    【DOMO HAIR】EBC reports "The latest technology of hair system, DOMO HAIR solve male baldness immediately".

    【DOMO HAIR】opens the Crazy Lab series videos which is challenging every impossible things with hair system.

    【WE CARE】was cooperated with Huashan Foundation to participate in charity fair.

    Taipei City Store was opened, it is the 11th More Fun House store.

    【DOMO HAIR】hold the 3rd Fans Gathering on water paradise.

    【WE CARE】was cooperated with the movie- The girl with 9 wigs.

    【WE CARE】was cooperated with TVBS's drama.

    【DOMO HAIR】"The 2nd Mr. After Transformation Program is cooperated with international magazine "Men's Uno".

    【DOMO HAIR】TVBS reported "Revolutionary product, invisible hair system, is resistant to strong wind, can swim, and expose the hairline.

    【DOMO HAIR】EBC reported "There is no need to spend more money to cure baldness! The invisible hair system solves the problem of hair loss. It challenges the facility G5 successfully!".

    The whole products of More Fun House have the National Quality Gold Medal Award and ISO International Quality Certification.

  12. 2014

    【DOMO HAIR】BBC radio exclusive report "famous host Ms. Wu Danru is amazed by DOMO HAIR".

    【DOMO HAIR】challenged 17-level hurricane successfully!!

    【WE CARE】was cooperated with Yuan's General Hospital and Taiwan Cancer Foundation on lectures of breast cancer health education.

    【WE CARE】was participated in the World Trade Exhibition, gain lots of attention.

    【DOMO HAIR】launched APP type hair system which is able to reveal hairline.

    【WE CARE】was cooperated with Golden Awarded Movie-Shadow.

  13. 2015

    【DOMO HAIR】hold the 1st Domo Lecture to offer free courses to our users.

    【DOMO HAIR】is the only one who challenges bungee jumping in this industry and the hair system do not fall off.

    The hairdressers of More Fun House voluntarily offer free haircut service at Songshan Church.

    【WE CARE】was cooperated with Xinguang Hospital with wig education.

    【WE CARE】hold lectures of fighting cancer at the Tri-service General Hospital and Xizhi Cathay General Hospital.

    【DOMO HAIR】hold the 7th Fans Gathering challenged snorkeling successfully in Xiaoliuqiu.

  14. 2016

    The Hairstyle Simulation App is on, quickly change hair at once, achieving great download results.

    【DOMO HAIR】was interviewed by Taiwan famous host, MickeyHuang, on UFO Network.

    【WE CARE】was cooperated with Cincia for a cancer colume to cheer up cancer patients.

    【WE CARE】 was cooperated with CTV and CTI TV's drama.

    【WE CARE】organized a Dream Realization Project to help cancer patients make their dreams come true.

  15. 2017

    The Changhua Christian store provided free haircut services for cancer patients, and it is the 16th salons.

    YouTube channel is over 200 videos.

    【WE CARE】completed the Dream Realization Project, cancer patients went round the Taiwan successfully.

    【WE CARE】was collaborated with cancer fighter, Apu, on a column to encourage cancer patients by using paintings.

    【WE CARE】cooperated with cancer fighter, Leo, to encourage everyone who is willing to listen to his story.

  16. 2018

    MorenFun House's APP is renewed.

    【WE CARE】sponsored the stage styling of the 11th Taipei Fringe Festival.

    【DOMO HAIR】successfully challenged Skydiving in Dubai.

    【WE CARE】participated in Children's Health Foundation charity activities and Breast Cancer Month.

  17. 2019

    Donate money to Apple Daily Charitable Foundation to help more disadvantaged groups and feedback to society.

    【WE CARE】Dream Realization Project-Rebirth of the Pink Eagle.

    【DOMO HAIR】11th Fans Gathering, which held a day of cycling on Houfeng bikeway in Taichung.

  18. 2020

    【DOMO HAIR】CEO's chatting time video series help to answer users' question.

    【DOMO HAIR】CEO Visiting Store video series is showing you our salons.

    【WE CARE】cooperated with Cincia who is a fighter the cancer.

    Taoyuan Flagship Store grand expanded and moves to a new location.

    【DOMO HAIR】hold a seminar of Hair Loss Crisis.

    New video series are launched, aiming to share the daily life of hair loss sufferers.

Besides bargain, we pay more attention on your feeling

More Fun House focus on every user's feeling, so we have customer center and regular activity to feedback our users: Fans gathering, Domo Lecture, Seminar, and CEO face to face with our users. We devote to be the leading brand in Asia.